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Affordable Billing Programs Built with Results in Mind

Increase Revenues

We have found that by ensuring timely billing statements coupled with prompt professional follow-up, we have been successful in increasing our clients' revenues by an average of 10%.

Save Time & Money

There are Many Advantages to outsourcing your billing & collecting services:

  • You can increase the service that you provide to your customers while reducing or eliminating personnel costs.
  • Eliminate the burden of follow-up and collection calls from your internal staff.
  • Eliminate costly billing software and the related maintenance fees.
  • Reduce the costs of purchasing, managing, and maintaining office supplies and equipment.
  • Reduce bank costs.

Overview of Services

PRWA Financial Services will proudly work as a Professional Resource for your system. We are dedicated to increasing your performance by providing your system with a custom billing and collection package. The experts at PWRA Financial Services will provide:

  • Customized Billing & Remittance Processing
  • Accurate, Timely, and Efficient Processing
  • Consistent and improved revenue flow
  • Customer Service Center with extended hours
  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Optional Credit Card and ACH Payment Processing
  • Controlled and Secure Processing Environment
  • Bonded Employees and Liability Insured
  • Comprehensive Financial and Usage Reports
  • Delinquent Account Collection Specialist
  • Off-site Data Back-up Maintaining accuracy throughout the entire process


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