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Most accounts pay during the billing process

For those that don’t, you should:

  • Communicate
  • Follow-up
  • Follow established policies for recovering past due revenue
  • Be prepared to seek outside help form collection or legal professionals

Collections Service

PRWA Financial Services is an extension of your system. We provide the experience and staff dedicated to collecting and improving your system’s cash flow on a consistent basis.

Collecting is Hard Work

A lack of training in collection law and unclear collection policy leads to reluctance to aggressively pursue overdue accounts. Because time is the most deteriorating factor in collecting past due revenue, early referral of delinquent accounts improves your ability to collect and costs your system less.

Some Debt Collection Tips to Help you Follow-Up

  • Prepare for the call! – Review the account details thoroughly.
  • Set your attitude! – You provided the service and goods and you deserve to be paid.
  • Make the call! – Get the right person and get detailed contact information.
  • Control the call! – Establish debt is owed and pursue the payment.
  • Be flexible! – Listen to the customer and adjust to the situation and have the customer agree to payment terms.
  • Be specific! – Set payment terms that identify how much, when, check or cash or credit card, and source of payment.
  • Keep records! – Accurate details of conversations for future use (follow-up or legal use).
  • Follow-up! – Re-contact the debtor within 24 hours on all broken promises.
  • Be productive! – Be brief and focus on business issue only and limit conversation.
  • Follow-up quickly! – The older the debt, the greater the chance of non-payment. Follow-up ASAP!
  • Seek help! – Professionals do it best. Focus your energy on paying customers. If a customer doesn’t pay get help quickly by contacting a professional debt collector such as PRWA Financial Services at 1-866-328-7792.

We do it all for you!

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  • Free evaluations are available.

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  • We don't get paid until you do.

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  • Use your billing program while utilizing PRWA Collections Services to increase your cash flow.

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