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A Health Insurance Solution for Pennsylvania’s Water & Wastewater Systems:

PRWA has partnered with Benecon to offer an affordable Employee Health Insurance Program to the PRWA Community. Eligible employers can now join The Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative (PMHIC) and achieve significantly lower health care costs while offering employees a variety of high-quality benefit options from established carriers such as Highmark, UPMC Health Plan, United Health Care, Capital Blue Cross, etc.

Get Started! You can request more information or request a quote and a PRWA Financial Services Specialist will contact you within two days to discuss the details of Benecon’s PMHIC Program. You can also learn more by signing up to attend a free webinar, or by reading more below.

How Benecon designed PMHIC to work just for YOU.

For 20 years, Benecon has responded to the common healthcare issues faced by municipalities, authorities, and regional municipal entities in Pennsylvania through the PMHIC Program. This unique healthcare purchasing cooperative allows many municipalities to come together and joint purchase health insurance at a lower cost than they would pay individually. Benecon has established a 99.9% retention rate among its 184 PMHIC members, totaling over 6,000 covered employees. The self-funding arrangement is based on achieving sustainable and competitive pricing without the financial risk encountered when smaller entities self-fund individually.

Affordability: Your Healthcare Program may send YOU a check in the mail.

As a PMHIC member, savings begins on Day 1. There is no ‘buy-in’ cost to join PMHIC and eligible members are rated based on their own risk-level, not on the performance of other members in the group.

In fact, members actually get money back in a refund check if they pay in more than is needed to cover their claim liability (less any Cross Share commitment). As a result, Benecon has returned over $36,426,993 in surplus to individual cooperative members since 2006. Or, if you have a ‘bad’ claim year, a maximum risk for paying claims is capped off.

A Team of experts on YOUR side.

Benecon is made up of a team of specialists on your side to guide you and your employees through every decision related to their healthcare program. As a member of PMHIC, you will have a dedicated account manager assigned to you who will provide complete account management support to you as the employer. In addition to your account manager, you will also have the following specialists working for you at Benecon:

  • In-house attorneys specializing in employee benefit law
  • Financial specialists handling day to day transactions
  • Actuarial staff members with 65 collective years in the health actuary business
  • Compliance services representatives who inform members on all employee benefit regulatory changes such as Health Care Reform, HIPAA, ADA, Social Security, etc.
  • An experienced team of account specialists, claims specialists, and enrollment specialists to fully handle the administration of your health care program, saving you time and money.

You own the cooperative so you see where every dollar is spent.

100% Transparency, no exceptions. As a PMHIC member and part owner of the Cooperative, you have a voice. You will see where every penny of your premium is going and learn what is causing your claim utilization. You’ll see how your rates are developed and what’s driving your next renewal and receive a full accounting of your plan’s performance every quarter. If you are having a good year you will know it and if you are having a bad year you will know why.

What About Dental, Vision, Life, AD&D, and Workers’ Compensation?

Benecon offers many other ancillary benefits to assist our clients. These include dental, vision, life, AD&D and a unique workers' compensation pool.

What About Eligibility?

Public municipal governments and authorities with at least six employees are eligible for membership in the PMHIC Program. Please contact us today to discuss full eligibility details and the options ineligible groups may have through Benecon.

What if we have already renewed our current coverage or started with a new provider?

You may still be able to lower your health care costs through the PRWA Health Insurance Benefit Program. Call or request more information to learn more.