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"This letter is to thank First States Financial for the exemplary services provided to the Southwest Delaware County Municipal Authority in collecting the delinquent sewer service fees that were due the Authority.

Everyone in your organization has projected a professional and business like manner in dealing with our customers and the personnel of the Authority.  The efforts of your organization in taming the growing receivables have helped the Authority maintain its service level through these difficult economic conditions.

I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future and feel secure in knowing that the Authorities best interests will be taken care of."

- George W. Crum, Authority Director, Southwest Delaware County Municipal Authority
  President Pennsylvania Rural Water Association

"The Womelsdorf-Robesonia Joint Authority is a Water Authority created in 1949 persuant to the Municipality Act of 1945.

Water Billings had always been done by a local bank located in Womelsdorf for over 50 years for our 2,200 customers.  This bank merged with a larger bank and ceased to do the Authority's water billings.  Another area bank was approached and agreed to do the Authority's billings.  This bank also merged in 2006 and we were notified by the parent bank that they would no longer do our Water Billings

Luckily, I learned about PRWA Financial Services through our Operations manager attending a PRWA Seminar.  Contact was made and now the Authority is in its 2nd 3 year contract wtih PRWA Financial Services.  The transition to PRWA from the previous bank was very smooth, thanks mainly to the personnel at PRWA.

Our current monthly billings are done in a timely and efficient manner.  Weekly reports to the Authority are received on a weekly consistent manner.  Problems are resolved quickly.

As Chairman of the Authority I highly recommend PRWA Financail Services.  They have been the answer to my many previous problems with banks who never provided the kind of service needed to operate an Authority.

PRWA Financial Services is in the business of providing that service and they do it well."

- Donald Schwarts, Chairman, The Womelsdorf-Robesonia Joint Authority

"PRWA Billing and Collection Services spares no effort, when it comes to making commitments to timelines and getting the large number of little details taken care of quickly and efficiently"
- Paul Grassel (Ret), Aaronsburg Water Pipes, Inc.

“PRWA Financial Services Loan Program was very fast and convenient. The one page application was wonderful. PRWA gave the Williamstown Borough Sewer Authority a very competitive rate and answered any questions we had with the loan and the program itself.”
– Amy Rexroth, Williamstown Borough Water Authority.

“We are grateful for the valuable service they offer to small water systems like ours. Because of the services they offer, we are able to function with a minimum of overhead expenses. We have no need for an employee to handle bookkeeping functions, and since they offer a toll free number for our customers to call we do not have to man an office or telephone. The reports they provide will allow us to closely monitor our water usage and cash flow, and they also manage receivable collection issues. Since we are organized as an appointed board made up of unpaid volunteers, this allows us to focus on our mission - to provide clean, safe drinking water to our users at the lowest possible cost. We look forward to continuing to work with PRWA Financial Services in the future.
- ” Aimee Douglas, Springtown Water Authority.